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Jun 3, 2014


I learn from the best..
Higher standards than the rest,
Did u think this was a test?
I was curious, I confess
But much more,
So I closed a door..
You know what that was for,
Things are so clear,
I have no fear, move along
Carry on, dear

We’re going up and up and away
Don’t make this hard when I need to say
I love u every single day.. I love u every single day
Cuz no love, not this love ever goes away

[Just a rough draft type song or poem I wrote… #feelingpoetic]

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when u don’t have what u need
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when u don’t have what u need

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Apr 26, 2014


My laptop.

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Apr 26, 2014


Hey you can have it
All that you wanted
Hey can I have it..
Just what I asked for
Just what you gave me..

Tell me now,
I gotta go.. let me know, let me know..
I’m fading fast.. but slow..
Don’t want to take, just to glow
Fading fast but slow..

Coming to life like a zombie
Just to stick around.. coming together and falling apart, it’s all over now, it’s begun, time is turning around.. I was lost and now I’m found.. alone and with you, tell me your love is true.. let me feel it too.. image

Apr 26, 2014

Listened to a song, I thought up lyrics as I listened..

They’d always wonder, never say anything
It’s all fine,
I’ll be ok

They’d always wonder, never say..
what’s on their mind
about us
it’s all good, it’s fine

It’s alright, it’s okay, I’ll be fine, sun’s up
it’s another day

Another day, another night,
Kiss me, hold me tight

I love you and I’ll be alright


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